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When Pam McGuire contacted us through Facebook® about a new website for her Quilting business, she had a few challenges to overcome. First she was working against a rather tight schedule (she needed it up and running is just 3 weeks to coincide with an upcoming quilting event), she wanted to be able to update the site on her own, and like any small business her site needed to be budget friendly.

After listening to her requirements a couple of things came to mind right away. First, in order for her to be able to update her site on her own without having to learn html, we suggested a Content Management System. Normally for an e-commerce site we would recommend a full fledged e-commerce platform with CMS functionality, but since her budget was a concern as well, we recommended the free open-source solution WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic Content Management System with a huge community support system in place. Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into a feature rich CMS platform as well.

The next topic for discussion was the actual design of the site. Pam was very flexible with regard to the design and again to stay budget conscious, she was open to having a theme customized to fit her needs. Starting with a theme customized to suite her needs, she saved countless hours and dollars in the site design process alone.

After we gathered a little more design information, we submitted a few designs we felt fit the bill. Pam looked over the themes we submitted and found one she really liked. Starting with that theme, we embarked on customizing the theme to match Pam’s ideas for her new site.

Once we had completed the customization we submitted the final design for approval. Once approved, we moved on to adding content and products to the new site. Pam was a real pleasure to work with in this regard. Often times clients are very busy and we find it difficult to obtain the content we need to complete a site project. That simply wasn’t the case for this project and it made the entire process a breeze.

Although I will admit it was very close, we were able to launch the site on time and on budget which is of course a win-win for everyone envolved. We’re very pleased with the project outcome and more importantly, so is our client. If you’d like to see more about the project, see our write-up about the site in our portfolio area:

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Charles Boudinot - President and C.T.O of Boudinot & Associates, Inc. Charles is an avid Web Developer and Designer, Entrepreneur and huge history buff.