We helped Morris Assembly of God revamp an outdated and compromised website into something they could be proud of.

Morris Assembly of God
Client: Morris Assembly of God, Inc

Project Details

When Morris Assembly of God contacted us about their website, they were suffering from the effects of a hacker. This hacker had injected malicious code into the pages of their current website spreading adware, malware and spyware that was obviously not conducive with their Church message. Because of this malicious attack, their website was tagged by the major search engines as a site that distributed damaging malware, adware and spyware. 

While we were removing this malicious content from their site and restoring their site’s reputation we discussed ways to avoid such issues in the future as well as offered some advise on making the content on their site a little more user friendly. Those conversations turned into a new project with several new goals to accomplish. “Variety, that’s what you’ll find when you visit our services and what you should expect from every service. A personal, uplifting worship experience.”

“Our services are geared for participation and we typically worship as we live, with enthusiasm. Now our website conveys that same message.”

-Morris Assembly of God

Morris Assembly of God wanted a site that was user friendly, a little more attractive and interactive, and ultimately a site that Church members could update on their own.

The Church had a limited budget with which to work and we were mindful of that fact and recommended a template design as a starting point to save the cost of a full custom design.

We contacted our design template vendors and submitted a dozen different designs to Morris Assembly of God.

Once a rough design was selected we started the customization process. Once we had completed the customization process we setup a dedicated web hosting account for them through our sister company TurnKey Hosting Solutions and assisted the Church in transferring their domain name registrar to TurnKey Hosting Solutions as well.

The launch of the new Morris Assembly of God website was a huge success and we’re currently working on a content management solution for their new site.

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Services Provided

We helped Morris Assembly of God revamp an outdated and compromised website into something they could be proud of.

  • Maintenance Package
  • SEO
  • Template Customization
  • Web Development
  • Web Hosting